About Us


At ArmoGear, we focus on creating exciting toys that will exceed your expectations when it comes to quality and entertainment. We believe every child deserves a healthy outlet to channel their creative and physical energy. Our ambition is to provide kids with the ultimate tools of expression. The exciting, action-packed toys we create will engage children of all ages while building self-confidence and teamwork skills.  



Maintaining the superior quality of our toys is of the utmost importance at ArmoGear. We are proud of our high standards which we refuse to compromise or diminish in any way. Our products are engineered to withstand the rough and tumble of rambunctious little (and not so little) kids. The sturdiness and resilience of our toys will be sure to surprise you in the best ways.



Our innovative, remarkable designs along with fun electronic sound effects and visuals will enhance gameplay to the fullest. We are constantly coming up with new ideas to engage and amuse your child. The toys are carefully developed and tested by children of all ages to ensure we product truly top-notch products.



Naturally, our first priority is the wellbeing of our customers and their families. Every product we create must pass a string of advanced tests before reaching mass production. We take every step possible to assure the complete safety of our toys.