Where to Game This Summer


Laser Battle by ArmoGear, a Nesstoy brand

Summer’s halfway over, but the fun hasn’t begun until you’ve spent the afternoon Laser Battle-ing it out with your group of friends, siblings, parents or kids. Though you can play indoors we suggest playing Laser Battle outside so you can get some fresh air while you’re at it. Also, with the 150 ft shooting range you’ll be able to really spread out—so take advantage of that! Now the question is where to set up the game outside.

The Backyard
Chances are there’s a built-in laser arena in your own backyard. Yes, your backyard is the arena! The best part of battling on your own territory is that it’s yours so you can be as wild and crazy as you need to be to achieve victory for your team. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors come out of their shells and ask to join the game!

At The Park
Yes, it’s the most obvious of choices, but sometimes we forget about all the parks there are out there—and how perfect they’d be to play laser tag in. We’re talking playgrounds with clubhouses (to for team meetings and secret hideouts), National parks with statues, fountains and trees to hide behind, or sports parks with lots of open space (think running, lots of running).

The Beach
Who doesn’t want an excuse to stay at the beach longer? We suggest including the boardwalk in the battle zone for a more complex gameplay. You’ll be able to zap your friend and then duck behind an ice cream cart in the nick of time. Speaking of ice cream—we think it’s only fair if the losers treat the winners to ice cream Sundaes, don't you?