ArmoGear makes the most advanced set of laser tag guns out there. No other laser tag set is equipped with wireless target vests (that vibrate when shot), a 15-second invisibility mode (the guns beep when 15 seconds are over, so you don’t have too much of an advantage!), a built-in night vision flashlight that emits a green glow (for ambiance!), voice guided gameplay and instructions, and a whopping 150-200 ft shooting range!

Other features include an adaptable multi-player system. The four colors represent the four teams, but you can add more laser guns to your collection and build onto the teams. There is a choice of four weapon modes as well: pistol, shotgun, machine gun and rocket. Each gun mode offers its own life-like sound effect, tactile vibration and shooting capabilities (see above).

Choose up to four teams by pressing the team selector button. Play with 2, 3, or 4 teams, or play on your own using the vest as a target. The more laser guns you have, the more members you can add to each team!

A solid, ergonomic grip ensures you can give the game your all. (No need to worry about the gun slipping from your fingers in middle of the action!) And with a 100% safe infrared signal emission of 1mW you can feel good about gifting these to friends and family (and yourself!)"